ANAVI Traducción-Interpretación S.L. was established in 2009. Its founder and director, Ana Villa, has over 20 years experience in translation and interpretation.

Member of the Spanish Association of Conference Interpreters, AICE, since December 2001, andPresident of that same Association during 2014 and 2015. Member of the Colegio de Doctores y Licenciados de Madrid (Professional College of Arts and Sciences and Education, PhDs, MAs and undergraduate degrees) since 1985.
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ANAVI Traducción-Interpretación S.L works only with proven professional interpreters and translators of EU and other languages, along with best of breed sound technicians and equipment. The majority of the interpreters are members of AICE, Spain’s National Association of Conference Interpreters. Quality is our watchword. Unprofessional interpretation can defeat the purpose of your event. ANAVI can supply the professional resources that you need to successfully convey the message across the languages you require.

ANAVI has organized conferences involving English, French, Italian, German, Portuguese, Dutch, Norwegian, Czech, Hungarian and Romanian interpretation services for numerous meetings of U.S. multinational companies and E.U. Works Councils, working directly with the client or collaborating with previously assigned congress organizers.

Ana Villa is a working interpreter who frequently engages other interpreters as needed to assist in courses, conferences and seminars, including but not limited to the following subject matters: banking, payment systems, managerial training courses, major industry and ICT.

Ana Villa has personal expertise in orthodontics, implants, cosmetic dentistry and related clinical aspects, and provides ongoing collaboration in congresses organized by professional associations and related industry.Engages interpreters for commercial presentations and press conferences: the arts, fashion, politics, ICT launches, etc.

Ana Villa is a sworn interpreter for Spanish/English proceedings, authorized by Spain´s Ministry of Foreign Affairs to interpret in the Spanish court system, and notary proceedings.

ANAVI Traducción-Interpretación S.L. translates written documents to and from any language.

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