Simultaneous Interpretation

Interpretation services for: congresses, seminars, conferences, conventions, training courses, commercial presentations, board meetings and general shareholder meetings, European works councils, conference calls, video-conferences, etc.

Simultaneous interpretation is real time translation of the speaker’s words. The equipment required includes interpreter’s booths and consoles, audience receivers and earphones, along with microphones and auxiliary audio equipment.

All interpreters engaged by ANAVI Traducción-Interpretación S.L. work from and into Spanish as well as their other “active” language. This “bi-directional” (also called “both-ways”) interpreting is more efficient and economic in terms of the number of interpreting teams and equipment required, than the unidirectional system used by other organizations whose interpreters translate only into their native tongue.

Example: Under the ´ both-ways´ system, an English / Spanish language meeting requires one booth of two interpreters working in 30 minute turns, whereas the other system would require 4 interpreters and 2 booths (2 to translate from English to Spanish, and 2 to translate from Spanish to English). Under this example, the both-ways system poses a 50% savings for the client.

Simultaneous interpreting requires extremely high levels of concentration. For conferences exceeding 90 minutes, a team of two interpreters, turning off in 30 minute segments, is required.

Should your event require over 7 hours of interpreting work per day, it might be a good idea to hire a 3rd interpreter.  Contact ANAVI Traducción-Interpretación S.L. for advice as to the best quality/cost arrangement.

Consult ANAVI Traducción-Interpretación S.L. to determine the type of interpreting best suited to your meeting.


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