Other interpreting solutions

WHISPERING (also called “chuchotage”).

Used for negotiations, visits to industrial and other facilities, business meetings, conference calls, banquets, court appearances, notary proceedings etc.

At meetings where only one or two individuals require interpreting, the best solution may be for the interpreter to whisper the translation to them, thus enabling the speaker to continue without pausing to allow for translation. Should the one or two ´listeners´ wish to make comments during the meeting, the interpreter will translate their comments to the meeting using consecutive interpreting, i.e., he/she will wait until after the comment is made, and in the ensuing pause, proceed to translate the comment for the others.

The whisper mode of interpreting is therefore an intermediate solution between simultaneous and consecutive modes.

As with consecutive interpreting, whispered interpreting requires no audio equipment, although it can be combined with the portable interpreting equipment that tour guides use.

Consult ANAVI Traducción-Interpretación S.L. to determine if this type of interpreting is best suited to your meeting


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