Written translation

Some people believe that written translation is easy and that anyone with a knowledge of the input-output languages can produce a quality translation. Ana Villa has over 25 years of experience in written translation, and is well aware of the importance of a translation well done.

For example:

• Poorly translated slides can confuse and distract the audience of  even the best, world-renown speakers.

• Poorly translated papers are often rejected by scientific publications.

• Patent request approvals can become entangled in red tape and delayed by years due to poor translation of the required documents. Precious time is lost in the patent approval process and, once informed, patent applicants must then recur to professional translators to revise and correct the errors in the documents originally submitted.  This constitutes a loss of time and money that could have been avoided if only they had entrusted the original translation to a professional translator.

ANAVI Traducción-Interpretación S.L., committed to quality, works exclusively with experienced translators and reviewers, working into their native tongues. Prior to assignment, Ana matches the translator’s areas of expertise to the subject matter of your document. Our motto is that a short-term investment in quality can constitute long term savings.


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