The Olympic Games Barcelona 1992 goes being the onset of the path of the badminton at the Olympic Games and at 2018, 26 years after that première, the depore of more racket rapid in the world returned at the place where the olympic sleep did reality. The Catalan capital housed at 2018 a proof of the new HSBC World Tour with category Super300, being for first time at the history included at the events of first level of the world circuit.

Barcelona has a lot at saying at the development of the badminton as a official sport at the olympic program. Juan Antonio Samaranch, ex-president of the International Olympic Committee natural of Barcelona, battled for years to include the badminton at the olympic program. With the antecedent of Munich 1972 where the badminton was sport of exhibition, Sir Craig Reedie - ongoing president of Anti-doping World Association - since his position of president among 1981-1984 of the call at his moment International BadmintonFederation invited at Samaranch at the Championships in the world Copenhagen 1983. From that time on, the badminton occupied a position of privilege at the olympic career that goes being certified at the 90at Session of the International Olympic Committee in Berlin Oriental at 1985. Only a year next, the same Samaranch pronounced the unforgettable sentence of "at the ville takes... Barcelona". The badminton already had house for his olympic première.

Since that historic headquarters of the Sea Bella, where at present exists a school of badminton of the Council Catalá of the Sport that maintains live the flame of the 92', Spain has matured at protects it of the organisation of big events like the Championships in the world 2011 and 2006, Europa's Championships 2018 and a big quantity of world and European events that guarantee some high standards of quality to affront a competition references like the HSBC World Tourat the period 2018-2021 with a total of 150,000$ at prizes that will increase until the 200,000$ at the end of the period. 

This competition will receive at the best players of the planet, at this first edition at the August to pass of 2019 onwards at the end of February as a preparatory proof of the Garlic EnglandChampionships, the most important tournament of the HSBC World Tour with 114 editions at his back. This World Tour has the reconnaissance of the Spanish State as a event of exceptional of public interest.

26 years next, the memories will emerge at the Olympic Pavilion Vale of Hebron. Many of these memories will permit to certify the grade of maturity achieved drop it of almost three decades, where the common effort has permitted a palpable growth. And perhaps, continuum commenced at Barcelona. How it said the fellow "song for aye"... Barcelona & Badminton.