How Campomiel Started

 In 1941 our grandfather Santiago and in the hungry times in Moncalvillo lands (La Rioja), in the high Mountains of his village that it's cover by Thyme, Heather and Oaks, he installed the first hives and made the honey for Ventosa's house. Alvaro Garrido 1970, he has continued with his father's hives until 2010. For 40 years Álvaro Garrido (Father) next to his wife Soledad Castillo (mother) have made honeys from La Rioja, Ventosa, next to their sons David and Alvaro. Sons have helped their parents with some honey housework under the Brand Riojamiel, a part from here is when Alvaro and David got full age, and Alvaro decided to continue with the Beekeeping vocation in the family (1997).


Since this moment is when Campomiel has born in parallel with Riojamiel, but just with one difference using modern methods, starting to work with hives migration. Alvaro proposes a hives expansion by blooms, in the North of Spain, creating the biggest Organic Apiarian exploitation in La Rioja in 2005. In this period and for lack of beekeeping professionals in Spain he has to look for them in countries as Argentina and Colombia to help him with hives housework.

With this growth in the company born Campo y Miel in Aragon, that has the certificated for the production of Organic Honey in 2005, who look for blooms in Aragon due to the diversity of flora in spring and weather, but in La Rioja we can get the production of Rosemary honeys. By the year 2007 Campo y Miel has made a breeding extension with their own hives colonizing Cataluña Mountains with their Organic production bees and always around Natural Parks or Nature Protection Areas.


Likewise, the continuous growth of Campomiel and increasing at the same time bee diseases problems in 2007, Alvaro decided to expand the installations he has placed in Varea (Logroño). A part from here, his grandfather Julio, by maternal part, who was sharing, living and growing lots of beekeeping moments with him, always was his support in starting new projects, and for so grandfather and grandson in a middle of a conversation they reach an agreement to continue the Legacy. The essence of this agreement was his grandfather´s interest on the expansion of Alvaro`s knowledge of beekeeping and keep the activity in the installations saw him grow up. They agreed to establish as a Campomiel identity place the installations his grandfather left him in inheritance and Alvaro can continue in his grandfather`s place, since here the Beekeeping center was born in 2007. When the label was born Alvaro decided a design which could framed both of grandparents on occasion of the trajectory of the beginning because the beginning have been so different, if they wouldn`t have done in that way. They highlight the reborn of Campomiel and that`s why the label from 2007 until 2015 was his “grandfather”.  






Campomiel is a Company placed in Varea (La Rioja), we are dedicated to produce and sell organic honeys in all its varieties and also fresh and dry pollen. Our productions are own and limited from own hives located in La Rioja and Cataluña. We count with 40 years of professional experienced in organic apiculture.


We also count with a team of beekeepers which everyday make a control of our hives as well as the necessities to guarantee the welfare of bees and for that we recollect honey in a pioneering way in Spain about the organic production, we have calluna honey certificate (it is considerate the second best honey of the world) same as oak honey and with this one we have won the first Prize of National Organic Honeys. 


Besides of certificate of ecological compliance, we have the handicrafts stamps from La Rioja because all the process of our products (from the extraction up to packing and labeling) it is handmade done. 


Campomiel is a lineage of 3 generation of Beekeepers, Alvaro Garrido (last generation). He took the relay of Beekeeping Activity and he created the first Beekeeping Centre of Interpretation in the North of Spain, in here we advise about Beekeeping to our customers, we work for the honey knowledge diffusion to students, athletes and elite athletes, even we are focused on sport nutrition with fresh pollen, also we work with another products in restaurants with high national prestige that has a higher Prize of Michellin Stars which our honeys are notable present in the kitchen.