Our cuisine

Our cuisine is from the area, innovating our grandmothers', with some more contemporary feel, but always respecting the traditional cuisine.

Based on the products of the land, always prooximity products (Km 0), try to offer a simple and tasty cuisine. We cook with extra virgin olive oil, homegrown.

And homegrown are also many fruits and vegetables cultivated in the family garden.

The village shops provide the meat and bread, and fish, directly from Sant Carles de la Rapita every Saturday.

We have a set menu and another of season. We also offer thematic menus, depending on seasonal product.




 Cod fritters                             Meat croquettes                           Snails





Pig trotters                                    Roasted Lamb       



Cod with allioli mousseline                                    Pork Cheeks                     



Home made deserts